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NLP Master Practitioner is an upgrade and in-depth discussion of techniques and methods with NLP Practitioner.

For all of you who are focused on achieving top results and committed to continuous personal growth! Raise the level of skills and personal progress of NLP to a higher level of the internationally certified INLPTA program – become a NLP Master Practitioner! Let your NLP skills launch you among above-average successful and happy people!

NLP Master Practitioner is an upgrade and in-depth discussion of techniques and methods with NLP Practitioner. New, advanced NLP techniques and a complete set of topics for the effective use of these techniques in everyday life, have been added to the work you have already done on your own. NLP Master Practicioner is a continuation, upgrade and deepening of the NLP Practicioner program.

A 130h training where you will learn to master the art and science of NLP. The master practitioner training requires that you already have a NLP (INLPTA) Practitioner Certification


  • Presentation and effective presentation of information

  • Use advanced NLP techniques to resolve more complex unwanted patterns that inhibit your development or the development of your clients

  • Understanding the processes in teams and groups for effective collaboration and leadership of teamwork

  • Use advanced linguistic patterns to achieve a higher level of communication efficiency

  • Use diagnostics of people’s typology to identify employees, facilitate team building, and facilitate department and company management

  • Use of coaching techniques

  • Understanding and using modeling techniques to develop their own performance patterns and techniques

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Acquired skills help Master Practicioner in leading teams and groups, working with colleagues and clients, in more demanding sales management, public presentation and performance, teaching, mentoringā€¦ and produced a group masterpiece in modeling and also successfully presented it.

The knowledge and skills you will acquire at NLP Master Practicioner will help you both in your private life and in business. You will be even more effective in setting personal and life goals. The knowledge will be useful for you in giving up bad habits, in improving personal relationships, in raising children, in strengthening a positive outlook on lifeā€¦

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