NLP Center Sweden

Transformational Coaching and Training

Dennis Larsson, the founder of NLP Center Sweden, is an experienced transformation coach and trainer, who after 30 successful years in the cooperate world (whereof 23 within in the IKEA group), turned the page and started a completely new journey.

Before he turned the page in life, he was, what many would say, a successful man. He had an amazing family, a new house, a fast car in the garage, and many travels around his belt. But in 2008, everything changed for various reasons, and he started to walk a different path in life, which now consists of a minimalistic lifestyle and friends all over the world.

Today Dennis loves to coach and train people in transformational change. And based on his history of driving successful and transformational changes in the cooperate world for so many years, the difference of what he does today is not that different. Though, the changes he drives today are more on a personal level compared to before.

As the founder of IKEA always said “Most things still remain undone, glorious future” and Dennis share the vision of IKEA, “to create a better everyday life for many people” but by offering transformational coaching and training as the mission.

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