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NLP Diploma is intended for anyone who would like to acquire the basics of NLP, the most widespread and scientific methods of personal development.

NLP Diploma is an internationally certified program for anyone who wants to manage their well-being, improve their communications and interpersonal relationships. It is intended for everyone who wants to meet their goals, financial, career, and relational. After training, you will better understand yourself and others, you will express yourself and act more easily, you will feel better, you will be more successful and happier.

The NLP Diploma training includes a total of 30 hours of training, which you will complete in guided workshops, online exercises in groups, and individual work.

You do not need prior knowledge in the field of NLP to apply for the NLP (INLPTA) Foundation Diploma.


  • More effective communication

  • You will learn how to harness your own potential

  • You will get a simple tool to solve problems and create new behaviors

  • You will learn how to establish and maintain good contact with the interlocutor

  • Learn how, by knowing perceptual types, we can better understand ourselves and others and improve our communication and interpersonal relationships

  • How to become goal-oriented, how to set and achieve goals

  • How to embark on the path of success, financial, relaxation and personal happiness

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With the knowledge of human thinking, communications, motivation, achieving goals and changes, NLP are indispensable in the modern business world, and at the same time enable people in the personal field to develop and improve their relationships.

It is also very important in the pedagogical field, in health care, public administration and wherever working with people comes first.

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